Day 11: Sweet… Juicy… Iskendar

As soon as I checked into the hotel (around 12pm), I showered, ate breakfast, and headed out. Sure I was tired and super fatigued from the trip but I’m in Istanbul for only a day or two more so I had to make use of every minute!

I needed food. Food on the bus wasn’t the greatest. Actually breakfast was composed of chips and soda. Since I had left Istanbul, I had been craving those amazing saucy burgers and I walked around at least 10 blocks looking for them today to no luck. I ended up a main road by the docks, and went into a restaurant called Iskender Saray. It looked great and I could smell it really far away. I ordered their speciality Iskendar kabob which came with another dish and couscous.

I can say with certainty, this was the best dish I have had in Turkey. It even topped the sandwiches in Ephesus. The meat was tender, the sauce was rich, and everything was just perfect.


THE Iskendar Kabob


Saw this shiwarma rack. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s at least two feet in width. HUGE.

Took some quick shots of the Blue Mosque and headed back to the hotel. By the time I got back it was about nightfall. That bus ride really killed me. As soon as I got to the hotel I ended up falling asleep until 930ish. I didn’t get anything done except wander around which is fine cause it’s relaxing.

Afterwards, I headed out to Taksim Square for my burger, I relaxed for a while at Starbucks, hung out with random people and came back to the hotel.


Cola Turka. Tasted horrible, but I finally got to have it!


All I asked was to hold the burger and smile. Yikes!


This is how they sell the burgers.


Random pic of the blue mosque


Horse pulling a lemon cart.

Tomorrow: Islamic Arts Museum, Grand bazaar, Spice bazaar, and Blue Mosque. Notice how everything that is supposed to be done tomorrow never gets done?

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