Day 12: Finally! The Blue Mosque!

I met some more Germans over breakfast. I’m getting tired of this same breakfast. I don’t understand why there is no toast. I should have asked someone, and I don’t know why I didn’t. Can’t I have something hot other than tea? Would it hurt them to get a toaster?

Time for long-awaited and ever elusive Blue Mosque and it was spectacular. I can’t describe it in words because it would take too many, so instead I’ll show you in pictures. Every inch of the mosque is covered in some form of decoration or another.


Courtyard had this crescent/star combo.


Yes. That’s JUST the mimbar.





Afterwards I headed to the Islamic Arts Museum. I’ve been dying to see it, and it’s only 5 liras to get in which is pretty good but the place was a waste for me. It’s only filled with Islamic art. I don’t mean paintings and things, what I mean is lavish pieces of china, silk, HUGE carpets, embroidery, pots/pans, doors (yes, doors), manuscripts and other stuff. I should be happy, but I feel a little more depressed. This is what the sultans wasted the Treasury of their empire on? No wonder everything fell apart and the lands were divided.

What a waste of 5 liras.



After the museum I headed over to the Grand Bazaar to get some hijabs (headscarves) for my sisters. I found some stuff that I wanted, but I was expecting more. I asked a random hijabi (girl who wears hijab), where I shold go and she recommended the area known as Eyup.

I don’t know how I didn’t know this, but one of the famous companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is buried right here in Istanbul along with several other companions, and the area is known as Eyup, after Abu Ayub al-Ansari. Too bad I couldn’t go today. Not enough time left… so tomorrow it’llh ave to be.

I headed over to the spice bazaar which neighbors the grand bazaar. Just as confusing and easy to get lost in, but it smells wonderful. Spices everywhere. Stacked up high and of all different varieties. If it exists on Earth, it sells in the spize bazaar.


Spices galore!

Tomorrow: Eyup and Faatih, that one café I love, gift shopping, and packing to go home.

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