Day 13: The Imperfect Ending

The last day. I grabbed a bus from the otogart to goto Eyup. I had to wait forever and didn’t even know which bus to take. Everyone kept giving me different numbers so I didn’t know which bus to take. When the bus finally arrived, I found out I had to buy a ticket which 5-6 random people were selling. I thought they were selling lottery tickets or something, I had no idea they were for th ebus. It was just random people! Apparently what happens over there is regular folks like you and I purchase bus tickets wholesale. They then turnaround and resell it to others at a fixed cost. Some get smart and open up drink/snack stands and sell both at the same time.

When I arrived at Eyup, it was obvious that this was the religious portion of Istanbul. Everyone had a beard, the women all wore hijab, and people were smiling and randomly greeting me. Very nice. This is what I imagined Turkey to be like. Once the heart of the Muslim empire, it’s not this secular nation where… o well.


Main roadway

I didn’t even see any alcohol signs (which seem to be more prevalent in Istanbul than in Houston by the way).

I ate on the patio of a nice restaurant, walked around a little and went for some shopping. I pulled out some money from the ATM, bought some pashmina’s for my sisters and mother, and then started to make my way over to Faatih by taxi. It was only 5 liras and it beats catching a bus.


Amazing dessert! Sutlac.

The bazaar was excellent. People were running around everywhere, sales people were standing on top of their stand selling to hordes of people at a time and it was a sight to see. I wanted to buy one of the products, I reached for my wallet… and it wasn’t there.

Great. I got pickpocketed.

Qadr Allah masha (this was for the best).

This is my last day in Istanbul and I now have no money and no credit cards. Good think I kept a stash at the hotel and I’ve already paid off my hotel.

Note to all: Keep your wallet in the front of your pocket, and preferably have a chain wallet or one that goes around your waist.

The rest of the day was blah. I was depressed/annoyed/sad. I didn’t check out fatih, just headed back to the hotel. I checked out the Blue Mosque one last time and walked around.

Dinner was nice. The owner of the restaurant was a cab driver from Long Island and he still carried his taxi id on him. I got there around closing time so I was the last customer, and he brought out this HUGE basket of bread. It was truly the BEST bread I had my entire trip and it was so nice and flaky and hot.


The bread.


Owner's son

That’s it. Time to go home. My trip is over. No more vacation, but seeing the family will be nice and having some proper tea will hit the spot.

Tomorrow: Catch private van to airport. Fly home without getting detained. Grab some chai.

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