Day 14: Chai at last

I woke up this morning, did fajr and realized that it was 5:50 and my shuttle comes at 6:00. For those who know me… missing my flights or being ultra-late to the airport comes as no surprise, especially because i was missing most my flights on the way here to Turkey. I got all my stuff together and ran to the van… entered about 6:05. There were 4 Americans in there with me. They were couples on their way back home… looked about 27-30. As we were about to pull out, the hotel guy ran up to the car and started saying you used the mini-bar and didn’t pay. Shoot! I have no money. Well barely any money. So I pulled out whatever I had… ran to the hotel… got charged… ran back. Now it was 6:13. The shuttle is 13 minutes late cause of me.

The drive to the airport was nutty. We almost got into two accidents and apparently the driver was in training… DRIVER TRAINING, and the passenger was teaching him how to drive. He’s teaching the guy how to drive and the sun is barely up. He couldn’t have driven any slower.

It felt weird to leave. I had such a good time, so many good conversations, great food, great scenery, and more.

As tradition the whole trip, I almost missed my flight again because I became preoocuppied with the airport cheese pastries…

No problems at customs! Got home to the family, we had chili, went out to Royal for chai, and all was well.

Awesome awesome awesome trip!

I miss Turkey.

Couple of signs I found hanging from my door :) . Compliments of my sisters.

Couple of signs I found hanging from my door :) . Compliments of my sisters.

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