Day 3: Salahuddin’s Castle

Yes, we woke up late again. Great. This time it’s a little past 11. The breakfast here isn’t the best. Just had eggs and my favorite part is the Nescafe. There is something about Nescafe all over the east. It’s everywhere in Turkey, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

We went to the train station first to buy our tickets for the sleeping train to Luxor (south of Cairo) that evening. I bought some sunglasses from a vendor, and then we grabbed a taxi and headed over to Salahuddin’s castle.

Needed to grab a bite to eat first, so we explored one of the villages next to the castle. Walked around a bit, snapped a bunch of pictures, decided the hygenic conditions of every restaurant were beyond poor and decided to starve instead.

It wasn’t worth it. Food poisoning or being healthy for the rest of the trip? Choice isn’t difficult. It ended up being field trip day for all of Egypt on the same day (or it seemed like it), and the place was packed with little kids.

Note to all: EVERY child in Egypt LOVES the camera. If you have a camera they will beg you to take a picture of them and pose in all different ways. It is time consuming, and easier to say no, BUT it’s pretty amusing and you get some good shots.

The castle is amazing. It’s gigantic. It’s still in pristine condition. It was built in defense of the Crusader’s and it worked really well. It was used until the early 1900′s, when missles and gigantic bombs proved the castle completely useless and then turned into a monument of history and a museum. Afterwards, we grabbed a couple of sandwiches, grabbed our luggage, and headed for the train station.



That’s all folks!

Tomorrow: Overnight to luxor, Valley of the Kings, and much more.


Alleyway in the village



These kids were literally fighting before I pulled out my camera. Then they had to stop for a pose, and they forgot what they were fighting about.

DSC05361 DSC05364 DSC05372 DSC05371 DSC05374 DSC05387 DSC05376 DSC05390 DSC05395 DSC05454 DSC05463 DSC05453

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