Day 6 & 7: The Beaches of Sharm


She was really enjoying the sofa at our hotel.

We were both giddy. We’ve been dying to hit the beach after spending several days in the desert, and hearing so many stories about the beauty there had gotten to our head. Waking up on time was easy, and we made it to the boat real quick. It’s not a normal boat. It’s a speed boat. A gigantic speed boat.


This wasn't the boat. I actually can't find the pictures or video of the boat... but it looked just like that.

I’ve never been on a boat like this, and I was really expecting some kind of a ferry. They had a movie playing on a central screen, and they served Nescafe and snacks. Aside from that if you get seasick easily, make sure you take some pills before getting on.

As soon as we docked, we realized we hadn’t booked a hotel at all, but we knew we wanted something on the beach. We grabbed a taxi, and he was nice enough to drive us around for about 45 minutes stopping in about 5 or 6 hotels to find a good deal and a good view.

After realizing that it wasn’t possible, we finally stopped at the Marriott Resort hotel and pulled in. This is where the drama began.


We gave the money to the taxi driver, and we tipped him real generously. He took us around for 45 minutes, stopped at a few hotels, and even gave us some advice. We gave him about 15 percent more than we had agreed on and tipped on top of that.

Note to all: Cabbies in Egypt don’t have a meter. You have to agree on a set price before you start out.

This guy gets out and demands more. Salman and I look at each other and say fine, and give him 5 extra pounds. He demands MORE and gives us a laundry list of things he did that were a part of his job. He agreed on a set price and we told him we were looking for a hotel and would stop here and there.

This guy threw a huge fit, so much so, that the tourist police came running and had to calm him down. They were about to beat him with their batons so he slowed things down. We gave him an extra 5 pounds just to make him feel better, he gave us some nasty looks and he was on his way.

In Egypt, they have something called the tourist police. They have this so all the tourists don’t get excessively robbed by vendors, tour guides, sales people, and cabbies. If they see a westerner getting hassled, it’s always the Egyptians fault by default and he will literally get beat if he doesn’t make things good with the tourists.

After that episode we checked in, changed, and hit the beach!!!! I was able to rent some snorkeling equipment and get in the water and swim through the reefs. My first time ever and it was beautiful. I loved every minute of it. Crystal clear blue water and the fish swim right next to you along with the eels. You can swim around the reefs and go underneath them and the fish will just follow you or let you pass by without a wink.

Simply amazing.


We swam all day, laid on the sand, played volleyball with a bunch of Russians for a few hours, showered and changed at the hotel, and then hit the pier. Grabbed a few bites to eat and hit the sack.

Ended up repeating the exact same thing the next day, with the exception of an insane breakfast in the morning. Custom omelets, all sorts of fruits, breads, cheeses, pastries, puffs, juices, teas, coffees, and more.

Tomorrow (day 8): Wrap up on the beach and head back to Cairo.

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