How To Place Your Life In A Bottle

I have several ‘everything boxes’ in the attic, in the office, and in my bedroom. Since I can remember, I have hoarded small things here and there from my life. Movie tickets, gifts from my sisters, comics, homework assignments, art work, small toys and gadgets, and anything else I feel I would treasure in 10-15 years.

Last week, 15 of my ‘everything boxes’ were tossed from the attic into the hallway, the office, and the game room to force me to clean the house and get rid of excess clutter. This wasn’t my choice, and it was all done while I was sleeping early Saturday morning.

I wasn’t pleased.

I admit, I have a small issue with hoarding things, but it’s not because I’m a pack rat, it’s just because, I treasure some memories. I liken my situation to that of Richie Rich’s parents.

You all remember Richie Rich don’t you? He partook in various adventures and was the son of super duper wealthy parents who kept a gigantic treasure vault in a mountain. This treasure vault wasn’t filled with gold or cash, but it was filled with family memories that were more valuable than all the money they had.

I know, it’s a little silly to liken my situation to that of a fictional cartoon family, but I don’t mind.


While I was going through all my things, in the bottom of one of my ‘everything boxes’ I found a small bottle which contained several folded pieces of paper and was tightly sealed shut. Lo and behold, I found my time capsule that I made in elementary school almost 16 years ago.

Don’t know what a time capsule is? Click here.

It took me back to another time when stamps were a quarter a piece, Big Macs were 99 cents, and Tom Selleck was the early version of Brad Pitt. I read a letter from the ‘little Shariq’ to ‘big Shariq;’ hopes and dreams, some that came true and some that didn’t.

It was a little depressing and joyful at the same time and at that moment I felt as if I had a true time-machine-like connection to my former self.  I was supposed to be a great detective, a naturalist, and someone who would save the Amazon rainforest.


Reading through very specific memories and letters from my past was exciting and deeply gratifying.

So, as a brand new decade emerges from the rubble of wars and recession, why not start it with capturing your moment right here and now and preserving it for another 10 – 15 years? Capture the essence of who you are and the environment which surrounds you, bottle it up, throw it aside, and forget about it.

I promise, in a decade, you will feel exactly as I did. You’ll be able to genuinely reconnect with who you were in the past and it may even serve as a reminder to reassess your values going forward.

How do you do it? I’ve compiled several PDF forms that will help you get started in creating a time capsule, and you can download them at the link below. All you need is a bottle or a container to ensure the items in the capsule itself don’t go bad. If you don’t have anything made out of metal or glass, I would recommend using a plastic container and wrapping it several times over with duct tape to make sure insects and other creatures can’t penetrate it, and it doesn’t get crushed under any weight.

Making a time capsule is easy and fun, and I would HIGHLY recommend making it a family activity!

I hope you make the best of it and I pray that we all start the new year off safely and with the resolve to bring a change in our live for the better!

May 2010 double your family, spiritual, and financial success!

Click here to download the PDF file.

Forms you’ll receive in the downloadable file:
1. Price List
2. Favorites
3. Goals and Changes
4. Personal Profile
5. Inventory List of Items To Include
6. Video of a beautiful butterfly (not included in the file)

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  1. Haytham
    Jan 11, 2010

    This is pretty cool…I like it .. I will definitely fill out Thanks for sharing


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