Before Your House Crumbles

The last Thursday of November is the day we set aside to specifically be thankful for all the blessings we’ve been given. It’s a nice time with family and friends, a gigantic meal, lots of pictures and good memories to createI don’t know about you, but I find myself having moments of Thanksgiving throughout my week. Not the turkey and dressing, the apple pie or the nice wintery clothing, but the part about giving thanks.

When I see a person without a home on the streets, I thank God I’ve been given shelter.

When I see someone in a car accident, I thank God it wasn’t me.

When I see someone getting arrested, I thank God my parents taught me better.

And sometimes, I just thank God for being able to use my mental faculties to thank Him.

In fact, in our scripture it’s written,And if you were to count His blessings, you would not be able to.”

Isn’t that the truth? How many of us were thankful today that our city wasn’t caught in an earthquake? I didn’t even think to be grateful for Houston’s firm ground. For the poorest country in the world, with 80% of its population living under the poverty line (CIA World Factbook), four natural disasters since 2008, and a population as large as Los Angeles, the people of Haiti have a long road of struggle ahead of them.

And they need our prayers.

With one gust from a hurricane, one movement from an earthquake, one wave from a tsunami, or one pass from a tornado, everything you or your family have ever held dear could be taken away in just momentsRemember the people of Haiti in your prayers, and if you can, text “HAITI” to 90999 and you’ll automatically donate $10 to the International Red Cross who is on the ground right now helping to rebuild lives.

For more information visit the White House website at:

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