helloSo who am I?

I’m an activist, an explorer, an animal lover,  a web designer, an archer, a counselor, a graphic artist, a gadget freak, a food critic, a community organizer, a history addict, an orphan fundraiser, and I’m from Texas.

What’s this about?

Life From a Different Lens is a project I started to write about four topics: self-development, leadership and management, family relations, and my travels.

My writing, my videos, and all my thoughts will be a blend between age-old eastern and western principles making this site entirely unique. By combining ideas and thoughts from Northern Africa all the way to the Orient and blending it with progressive Western values, I’m hoping to give my readers a different take on life.

Anything else?

For now, this seems to be it. I did release a downloadable mp3 called “Quit Any Habit In 5 Steps” which you can find by clicking here. It’s an introductory audio which should provide you with a glimpse of what’s to come.

You can follow me on my journey with Life From a Different Lens and all my travels by becoming a fan on my Facebook page and following me on Twitter.

If you have any questions or thoughts, you can always contact me by email at me@shariqghani.com.

Thanks for visiting my site and good luck with your personal journey!